Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Racing, Simulation
Developer: Flashbulb
Publisher: Flashbulb
Release Date: 18 Sep, 2019


Build a car, a plane, a boat or maybe a… carplaneboat? With Trailmakers intuitive builder, it is as easy as snapping together real building blocks. Take your machines on dangerous exploration missions, breakneck rally races, or go to the sandbox and build that hovercraft you have always dreamt about.

Build intuitively with modular blocks – it is easy to get started, and the possibilities are almost infinite.
Explore a vast open world and escape the planet in the survival game mode “Stranded in Space”
Go on breakneck rally races with vehicles of your own making.
Create without constraints in two sandbox maps full of jumps, half pipes, an aircraft carrier, catapults and other crazy obstacles.
Compete on the global leaderboards in rally and race mode.
Four player drop in drop out multiplayer game modes.
An active and growing community with tons of premade vehicles ready to test.
There is always something to do: Join the Trailmakers Rally, take on challenges, play in the sandbox, race your friends or shoot each other to bits.


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