Incoming Evil

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Allyi Games
Publisher: Allyi Games
Release Date: 5 Oct, 2019


A first-person horror game Incoming Evil, you will explore an unsolved event about 3 missing people, Nobody knows what happened to them, the police could not solve the case. You are an experienced detective; the case handed over to you.
The things are not as it seems! In the beginning, the police assumed those people got murdered. But could not find any evidence to close the case as murder.

The game will take place in a forest area, which is too silent and creepy.
Explore the places, Solve the puzzles, Face the facts, Find a way to escape trouble!

Advanced Inventory System: You will see your item information, such as battery energy and more!
Both Open World And A Mysterious House: The game is not only one map game it will be possible to see different places.
Impressive Atmosphere: You will feel what you play for.
Well Timed Jumpscares: Frightening and well-timed Jumpscares.


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