Death Gasp

โหลดเกม Death Gasp

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: EpiXR Games
Publisher: EpiXR Games
Release Date: 11 Oct, 2019


Get to know your deepest fear!
The mission to recover an ancient relict goes terribly wrong.
No one could have imagined what horror lies hidden deep inside the forgotten ruins.
No one was prepared for what was about to happen.

After the contact to the first exploration team was lost you take on the mission to recover the missing team.
On your way deep into the ancient ruins it slowly becomes clear what happened to them.
As you realize what situation you are in it is already too late.
You are trapped and a horrible game of survival starts.

Many riddles and horrors lie ahead.
Death is lurking in the darkness.
Watching your struggle for survival.
Watching every single move you do.
Reaching with his bony, dead hands for your life.

Will you survive?
So what cab you expect?
– Seven fear infusing levels – A core mechanic and general style that deferes slightly from level to level
– Many deaths
– A intruiging story that evolves the further you get
– A lot of horrible creatures are waiting for you
– Get scared a lot
– Super difficult end game

โหลดเกม Death Gasp

โหลดเกม Death Gasp


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