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Grand Theft Auto V Update v1.33-RELOADED

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[4/22/2016] New Content – PS4, Xbox One & PC

Two new maps have been added to the Inch By Inch Adversary Mode.
Inch By Inch III at the Grapeseed Cow Farm.
Inch By Inch IV at Los Santos International Airport.

[4/19/2016] New Content – PS4, Xbox One & PC

The Declasse Sabre Turbo vehicle can now have modifications installed from Benny’s Original Motor Works in GTA Online.

[4/12/2016] New Content – PS4, Xbox One & PC

The Vapid Minivan Custom vehicle is now available for purchase from Benny’s Original Motor Works Website in GTA Online.
A new Adversary Mode has been added to GTA Online which unlocks at Rank 1.
Inch By Inch
Prepare to fight tooth and nail for every scrap of progress in Inch By Inch. Compete for possession of a Package and claw your way through a hail of bullets to reach your team's end zone. This Mode is for 2-8 players

[4/5/2016] New Content – PS4, Xbox One & PC

The Declasse Tornado vehicle is now available for purchase from Benny’s Original Motor Works Website in GTA Online.

*อ่านรายละเอียดอัพเดทเพิ่มเติมที่ไฟล์ changelog.txt

Update v1.33-RELOADED - 4.33 GB

Tested on: Grand.Theft.Auto.V-RELOADED

Note: Social Club no longer needs to be installed. The Social Club emulator
included in the crack will only work with the untouched crack exes, though.
So make your patches in memory if you want to use our emulator!

Today we present you with an update release for GTA V. Update changelog
included. Most content and features added relate to GTA Online. But the
point of this release is not the update itself. It's the crack.
GTA V, like a few other games, uses Arxan anti-tampering system to protect
game code, including DRM checks. Arxan is one of the heavier protections,
in more than one way.
The crack included with this release removes Arxan from the game exes
completely. Anyone who has tried to reverse Arxan protected code knows what
this means.
For players it means better performance. For modders and other game hackers
it means easier access to game code (we don't mean the kind of hackers
ruining GTA Online; they seem to get around Arxan fine on their own).
Anyway. We surely didn't go through this effort to impress or service the
lying, thieving lamers of the "scene". Consider it a gift to modders and
fans of GTA V! Enjoy!


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