GENRE: Indie
DEVELOPER: Daniel George
PUBLISHER: Daniel George
RELEASE DATE: 6 Nov, 2020


Hikers have gone missing in the State Park. Campers are disappearing in the Appalachians. Workers are unaccounted for. Rumors of a horrific beast roaming the woods has taken hold of the townspeople. Something sinister is to blame for the disappearances, no one can deny that. Will you put the rumors to an end?
DOGMAN is a survival horror game based off of the Michigan Dogman urban legend. The player will be deployed to various locations to track down the missing people, while something watches from the shadows, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Stealth, awareness, and hiding places will be the player’s best friend. Releasing with 3 maps, and a new map already planned, DOGMAN will offer a wide variety of gameplay, sure to frighten every time. Will you emerge from the forest alive?


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